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Decorating our Christmas Tree...

This year, Roxanne decorated our seventh Christmas Tree here in Ecuador...In 2007, we bought a live tree, which was the best of a choice of two.  Rox called it our "Snoopy" tree.

Well, this little tree did its job that year, so it got a new home in our yard, and here it is today...

This is our live tree for this year, 

and Rox figured it looked a little anemic, so she draped it in red mesh--a big improvement!

We gave last year's artificial tree to Agirpina and Isidro complete with new lights and ornaments.  She was stunned!  They had never had a Christmas Tree before, so now every night it's all lit up and plays Christmas Carols to the delight of everyone...

One of Roxanne's unseen, "behind the scenes" jobs for each year's Kid's Christmas Party, is removing all the price tags for 350-400 dolls, trucks, and baby items, and then organizing them by age, so that she can fill the gift bags later.

We are working hard to make this party for 350 kids, and 150 moms, a great success again this year, and again, we need your help!

The donations are coming in to keep us even...but we still have a bunch more to go,

Take a look at the current "to do" list!!!

so if you'd like to help a child have a really happy Christmas Party,  please send your donation to our PayPal address which is bobnrox@gmail.com

You may be sure that 100% of your donation goes directly to the Kids...

Thanks mucho...


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