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Surf's UP!!! Crowds are beyond describing!!!

Montanita is now everyone's darling as a destination--both from inside Ecuador and from everywhere else!  

The waves are bigger and the water's bluer (no kiddin')...  

We are in the middle of a five day Carnival holiday, and it seems that everyone in Guayaquil has decided that the Coast is IT!!!

The new Highway 1 of Ecuador is called Ruta del Sol down by us, but this week even the four lanes were looking like a parking lot!  It was the five o clock traffic for five days!

Of Course, Montanita can't possibly handle all the visitors, so they are filling up little towns all up and down the Coast...

We have a delightful couple from Toronto, who brought their long boards all the way down here with them...here they are surfing up to our front gate just as Rox and I were having dinner.

Here they are a little closer in...

As you can see, you can't get much closer to our beach gate with your boards than this...

Here is the sunset that we watched as we ate dinner...

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