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President Correa cruises to another landslide victory!!!

Well, we went on down to our local voting place this morning, just to get a feel of the dynamics of a landslide victory...

Here at the Coast, President Correa's 80 percent national approval is something like 95%!!!  (not counting Guayaquil)...

In Ecuador, we all vote on Sunday--so that everybody gets a chance to cast a ballot.  (What a novel idea!)

Whole families dress up in their Sunday best, go to church, and take a turn down to the voting booths, where they can vote for their hero...

Voting is mandatory here in Ecuador--this country wants you to vote!!!

Vendors come from all over to sell clothing, CD's, movies, and food to the happy crowd!

This is the first election that is all computerized--Rox and I are on the roster, but our voting address is in Cuenca, and the officials said that changing addresses must be done in Cuenca...

Cuenca is just a little too far to drive to cast our ballot--we are confident that our President will win hugely--and why not?  Take a look! He charms everyone, young and old--but not just with words--with new roads, free education, better health care for the poor, increase in stipend for those that need it, promotion of tourism, aggressive economic policies aimed at benefiting ALL of the people, not just the super-rich!

He is playful when he needs to be, but is serious a a heart attack about defending his country, and his people...

If you want a little photo collage of the President, just put your computer search engine on "images" and type in "President Correa" on the search line.  You will find some interesting poses!

The president has been instrumental in increasing tourism all around the country.  He has formed an aggressive tourism bureau, and most importantly built great roads all over Ecuador.  When Montanita fills up to the breaking point, it is mostly Ecuadorians enjoying their beaches and resorts...

He is working on the infrastructure of the small, poorer towns--mostly neglected by former presidents, as they made sure that their super rich backers lined their pockets.

His economic results are so widespread, that even the rich are benefiting...

 So, it is no wonder that people gladly stand in line to vote for their man...

There are numerous voting windows just like this one all over this old high school.  The kids now go to a brand new high school, and this facility will be converted to a much needed first class hospital.

So, there is no doubt that the citizens today, will vote for more of the same!!!

 Go ahead and punch up this article and cute video...


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