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We Celebrate Agripina's Birthday for the sixth year in a row...

It doesn't seem possible, but , by adding on our fingers, we find that beginning in 2008, we have celebrated Agripina's birthday,  up on our deck, 6 years now...wow!!!  Time surely does fly!!!

A number of our readers have expressed concern that we have been posting at a slower pace than we used to.  Life tends to get somewhat cyclical after you get around to describing it for the sixth time.  By our blog count, we have made over 700 entries describing our life in Ecuador.

We wake up with a smile on our face every morning, the sun is warm on our faces, the sandy beach sifts through our toes, and the ocean waves are bathtub warm.  We wear shorts all year round, and we get to visit with a growing number of friends from up North, Suite guests, and transplanted Ex Pats...BUT, we can't just get up each day and write a new blog entry about the "same old great life"!

In addition, when we began our blog in 2007, there were only a few others writing about Ecuador, now there are more than 50 people blogging about Cuenca alone!!!

Birthdays are celebrated a little more sedately by the locals, here at the Coast.  Many times another family member is not even aware that there is  birthday that day.

In fact, it seems that when we say that we are having Agripina or Isidro for a little "birthday bash", they seem surprised to be told that a birthday is coming up!

This year Agripina had on a new dress, which added to the festive mood...

When Rox selects gifts for Agripina and Isidro, she tries to find items that would make her life a little nicer, but that she might not buy for herself...

This year, items included a huge amount of light blue yardage, that Agripina could use for a dress, curtains, table clothes and napkins, to name a few...also lots of new needles, thread, etc.  She also got new, fancy place mats.  However, the last gift was the best!  We ordered an Armitron watch which not only looked good, but was automatic, and worked underwater...

After catching up on the goings on around town, having a couple of Cuba Libres, some munchies, and the opening of gifts, we present them with a tub of ice cream, and pretty birthday cake--to take home!

We found out years ago, that Agripina saves all the wrapping paper, rewraps her gifts, and then opens them for her family (and it's a big one), and they all eat ice cream and cake to celebrate her birthday all over again!!!

Here's a shot of the cake...

As you can see Agripina;s smile is enhanced by another beautiful sunset reflected in the window...

A nice ending to another nice day at the Beach!!!


Posted on Sat, April 20, 2013 at 03:21AM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments1 Comment

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Glad to see you are okay. I agree you have the right to post when you want to. I worry about ya'll when you do not post for a while. We are getting up in years and issues hit us quickly. I just like to know that ya'll are okay.

April 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLarry Day

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