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Kid's Christmas Party Photos--just to remind you how rewarding it is to bring a smile to a deserving kid's face!!!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner, especially since our weather has just turned "summer-like".   Roxanne reminded me today that we only have four more weekly shopping trips left before the party!

Roxanne mostly does all the behind the scenes stuff.  Today, she displayed some of the kid's toys as she made sure that all price tags are off.  Not too hard of a job, until you multiply everything by 400!


The above photo only shows about a quarter of all the kids gifts that we just bought in Cuenca.    Here are some of the rest of the dolls and trucks...

We started the tradition (We guess that 7 years running could be the start of a tradition) of having a Kid's Christmas Party at our place, because we were told that many of the more impoverished children in our village received nothing more at Christmas than a piece of fruit or a some candy.  Seven years later, that is still the case.

The party is so popular that we now print tickets, that are distributed by Agripina.  

This year, we will be giving a gift bag, a visit to Papa Noel, (Santa Claus), and a 5" by 7" photo of each child with Santa.  The gift bag contains a truck or doll, lots of Christmas candy, animal crackers,  and some school supplies if possible.  We also serve up hot dogs, lots of Coca Cola, and chips to each person attending.  We have found that many of the families treasure the photo with Santa, because that photo of that child might be the only one they have for that whole year.

We are reprinting our shopping trip for the 2013 party, because we were so sick this year, that taking fun photos was out of the question!

Take a look...

This year, the same amount of dolls, trucks and cars, cost us over $500 extra, due to price increases!

Rox is posing with just some of the gift bags that go to happy kids.

We have wonderful neighbors who work that day to put out over 550 plates of hotdogs, potato chips, and tons of Coca Cola.

We pay a crew of  workers full construction wages for their help in setting up on the day of the party, waitering all the food and drink, and then cleaning up the mess, and restacking all the party tables and chairs, before they go home that night.

We print up  over 550 5" by 7" photos of each child getting a gift from Santa Clause (Papa Noel).  For many of these families, that photo is the only picture they have of their child for that year.

What makes it all worth it, are the big smiles of all the girls and boys!!!

We have been able to put on this really fun party for these kids mainly due to the help that we have received from a lot of you folks reading this blog.

This year we are really in pretty deep on our costs already, and we still have all the food, drink, candy, and animal crackers,  table rentals, wages, and photos to buy!

We really need your help this year!  Every red cent you can send us goes directly to the kids--no overhead, no administrative costs, no nada!

To make it easy, all you have to do is send a few bucks to our PayPal account, which is:


Thanks in advance for helping bring more smiles to all of these kids!

Note:  you can contribute, even if your don't have a PayPal account.  Just drop us a note, and we will send you a "Money Request", which makes it  very easy...

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