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They just let us loose in the Candy Store!!!

This year we decided to buy locally, all the candy and animal crackers, for the Kid's Party.  There are lots of tiendas which sell small packets of treats, but we only found one outlet that was devoted to selling every kind of candy imaginable...Take a look...Here's Rox with the goodies in the background...

A couple of shots more...

This store is just loaded with goodies!

We  bought 88 pounds of really fresh animal crackers, and eight 22 pound cases of Christmas Candy (176 pounds total candy), take a look...we only took two bags of candy out of the cases for this photo.

This year we will be filling 600 baggies with all these goodies.  The baggies will help bring a smile to kids who get virtually nothing for Christmas--no computers, no boom boxes, no tablets, no play stations...maybe a piece of candy or some fruit.  When we see kids playing at the beach, many times we see a child having a great time just pulling a plastic bottle along with a piece of twine!  Or, a group of youngsters sticking a couple of twigs in the sand and batting around a two dollar soccor ball...

Yet, they are always smiling and caring for one another!

Each year, we hope that our Party will bring some Christmas Joy to these deserving kids...

We do the preparation for the party ourselves, but need a lot of help on the day of the party.

So far this year, the wonderful support we have received from friends, relatives, and our guests and blog readers, have kept us running pretty even.

However, with the cost of toys more than 40% higher this year, we could still use some help buying 600 hot dogs, 600 buns, 600 bags of chips, and Coca Cola for 600, and plates, glasses, and napkins for 600.

We will need to pay for the tables and benches that we rent for 600, and the ten hard working guys who help set up the party, act as waiters for 600, and then break down the whole thing at the end of the day, and clean up.  We take them off construction jobs for this day.

We also need 10 ladies who will cook the hot dogs, set up the plates for the waiters to deliver.

During the party we take a photo of each child with "Santa", and give them each a 5 x 7 matte photo.  Last year we printed 425 photos.

So...we could still use a little help!  If you would like to make a lot of worthy kids smile brightly, please send a few bucks to help us pull this off again this year.

Please use our  PayPal account which is bobnrox@gmail.com

Don't forget, that every penny you send goes directly to the kids!

Thanks in advance!

Bob & Roxanne



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