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The Kid's Christmas Party is moving forward...But...this year we need a little more help!

It's that time of year again, as we try to bring lots of smiles to lots of deserving kids in our Pueblo of Manglaralto.

This year will be our seventh annual Kid's Chirstmas Party.  The first year we only had 47 kids show up.  This year we expect to provide dolls, trucks, candy, animal crackers, hot dogs, chips and drinks to about 400 kids and food for about 200 moms.  Best of all, each child gets a photo with Papa Noel and his elves.

We just made our annual trip to Cuenca to buy the kid's gifts, and we were shocked to see that Coral Department Store had increased the price of each truck or car by over $2.00.  So, instead of our cost for the toys and dolls being the usual $650 to $750, our factura (receipt) ended up being a whopping $1571!

We were pretty bummed out dealing with the terrible increase in prices, but even worse, both Rox and I were dealing with the worst flu attack we have ever had.   Roxanne was left to pick out all the dolls and all the trucks and cars, as I was doing my best not to throw up and pass out.

It was a nightmare shopping with 103 degree fevers, non-stop coughs, cold sweats, and no energy whatsoever.  (and trips to the bano).

Here's a couple of shots of Roxanne unloading 9 carts of toys...

We finally checked out with over 18 full sized bags.  Rox had three of them on her lap as we pulled out of Mal Del Rio.  We thank Rich and Nancy for their wonderful help, hospitality, and nursing.  When we left the next day, Rich was wonderful, getting all the toys and our luggage stashed.  We were so weak, that nothing would have happened without his help.

It took us 8 hours to navigate home, what with the driver almost delirious, and the copilot sick as a dog.  We were welcomed home by Agripina, Isidro, and the whole family.  Without their terrific help, those gifts would still be in the car.

Roxanne was a trooper, who got our stuff unpacked, 8 loads of wash done, and took a coupe of swipes at our correspondence.  I went to bed for three days solid.If you are trying to lose weight, just contract this flu--I lost 30 pounds in three weeks!  (basically, no eating)...Rox looks like a size 0 fashion model.


Agripina has been making trips to the pharmacy for us, but mainly bringing by various Ecuadorian dishes very much like "mom's chicken soup".

Well folks, normally we don't belabor our bumps in the road, as they happen to everyone, but this year we really need your help!

So, if you want to make some worthy kids smile brightly at Christmas, please send a few bucks to help us pull this off this year. And of course you know, every red cent that you send goes directly to the kids!!!

Please send what you can to our PayPal account:   bobnrox@gmail.com

We and the Kids thank you all!


A Couple of shots from last year...

 A shot of the christmas bags ready to make each kid smile!


Please copy and paste the address below to see a bunch of good feeling photos of lots of happy kids...or...you can scroll down the left side to find lots more fun Christmas Party entries...




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