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Blastin' down the home stretch to a HUGE Kid's Chirstmas Party...

We're in the last few days before the Kid's Christmas Party, and Zowiee, it's going to be BIG!!!

The only way for these big deals to come off right, is to start planning about three months ahead, make a ton of lists about all those necessary details, and remake those lists again every morning!

Here are a couple of lists Rox is using this week, one in English to us, and one in Spanish to the folks that really count.

There will be a new revised list tomorrow.

Today, Agripina and I ordered 625 specially made buns to be ready on the day of the party.  We made sure that many boards and saw-horses would be available to hold 450 kids' presents, and 625 lunches being prepared.

We requested the ingredients that Agripina will need to feed 30 helpers and workers for lunch on the day of the party.

Roxanne is busy mapping out the 450 wrapped gifts, so that when it's time to hand them off to Papa Noel, there will be a smooth transition, and no mistakes.

Here is a shot of just the girl's presents along our hallway.  All 200!

Each child's gift bag contains a neat doll or macho truck and a huge baggie filled with animal crackers and Christmas candy...

Here's is a shot of all of us filling baggies, and then filling all the 450 gift bags just yesterday.  For the last 6 parties, Rox and I did all this by ourselves, but this year, it is just to big for just two of us.

This year we loaded up 550 baggies with goodies.  We make 100 extra, because many people show up from other towns and beg us to let them in without tickets.  We have always stressed to everyone, that our party is for the kids of our town of Manglaralto.  To keep people mollified and in line, Isidro and our other three security people hand out over 100 full baggies to the crowd.

We keep count of our baggies by stacking up the empty baggie boxes.  Take a look at 550 empties...

Here is a shot of me making another fill up.  I emptied 88 pounds of animal crackers, and 176 pounds of Christmas Candy, into those bowls.

After we filled all the 550 baggies, it was time to change hats and fill up each child's Christmas bag.

Well, that's what we did yesterday and this morning.

Tomorrow, we pick up 625 hot dogs, Agripina passes out 450 tickets to households in our town, we take delivery on our borrowed saw horses and planking.

The next day we receive all the seating for 625 people, with little tables to match.

So, folks...you can still be a big part of our party, by sending off a contribution to help us make the smiles on these deserving kids a lot brighter.

We still must pay our staff, pay for the chairs and tables, and pay for over 500

5" x 7" matte prints memorializing each child's visit with Papa Noel.  

Our PayPal account is bobnrox@gmail.com 

And...we will stress one more time, Every single dollar contributed, goes directly to the Kids!

Thanks to all of you who have kept us going so far, and thanks in advance for any who might wish to chip in!

Bob and Roxanne,  and all the Kids!!!

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