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Peru and low tide help Ecuador avoid Tsunami damage...plus a few sunsets...

Roxanne was reading from her Kindle Fire, when a feature she didn't know she had,  kicked in...All of a sudden a banner rolled across her screen telling her that there had just been an 8.0 trembler just a few hundred miles South of us, in Northern Chili...way to go Amazon!!!

Most countries have done a lot to prepare for the next big Tsunami, and Ecuador has joined right in.  We now have signs mounted all along the Coast, telling us where to go during an alert.   We have a large "antenna" hill behind us about a quarter mile, and that's our "alert" destination.

Our local fire department began to alert the town that we were going to have some high waves in about 3 hours.

We weren't too thrilled to evacuate, so we decided to wait.  The tidal wave was only six feet high, and we were looking at an extremely low tide.

Also, we are protected quite well by the country of Peru, when it comes to tidal waves that originate in Chili...take a look at the map...

Our beach sits just about where the "3 hour" band comes ashore in Ecuador, just north of the gold star.

As you can see the right side and back of the tidal wave must run up the whole coast of Peru before it hits Ecuador, and then, you see that Ecuador sort of tails away to the East, further protecting it from a direct assault.  This story only works well with tsunamis that originate in Chili, but it seems that those folks have a pretty good lock on them right now.

With that out of the way, how about some sunsets??

This is what we saw while eating dinner on the deck tonight...


We wish to thank a lot of you nice folks for your emails expressing concern for our well-being--so far, so good!

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