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We live on the Equator and we "need" a fireplace!  Huh!!!

OK!, OK!, so we live on the Coast and we don't freeze our butts off, plus we wear shorts and tees all year 'round, so...what's the reason we need a fireplace???

Many, Many condos in Cuenca and Quito don't even have heaters, and they really do freeze their butts off!

Here's the story...Rox and I have lived, most of our 47 years of marriage,  in places where it got really, really cold and rainy...

Various places in the Mendocino Redwoods, Owning a mountain cabin for 25 years in the Sierras, and a home for 20 years in Southern Oregon...all places where we needed a fireplace just to make it through the winter!!!  (or pay a $400/mo heating bill).

Our climate at the Coast is ideal--warm for about 8 months a year with onshore breezes keeping us cool, and then four months of "winter" where it maybe gets down to about 50F at night.  But sometimes, we don't see the sun for quite a while, or it rains quite a bit.  (not now, of course, we are in a drought...)

We had toyed with the idea of having a FP to elevate our mood and interior temps during our "winter", but it is almost impossible to buy a free standing fireplace here, and a stone or mortar one built from scratch would be too bulky and ugly for our little living room.  So...what to do?

We decided to commission one built form scratch, by a guy who had only built one before. but only one.  He was familiar with metal working and arc welding, so we drew out the plan for him, and hoped for the best.

After about three weeks, the metal worker showed up with his sons, with the pieces of our fireplace. What was really weird, was that they brought it in in pieces on a motorcycle!  Unfortunately, we didn't get a photo of that!

Here is a shot of them welding the bottom and sides together.


Here it is looking like a little rocket...

In the meantime we had our trusty tile man putting together a neat little hearth...

Inside that square of bricks, there is a layer of cement holding nothing but mortared together bricks...


When the hearth was dry, the guys brought in the wood stove...here our maestro is getting up on the roof to make the hole for the stove pipe...


And a shot of the proud maestro...with his baby...


Of course, a woodstove isn't worth a darn without firewood, so here we are sawing up a bunch...

And...it's no good unless it is someplace close to the end product, so here we see Isidro and his brother having a beer after bringing up a few loads...Alex gets no beer, but he helped...


Here is a shot the first night we had a fire...what a difference!!!

We have had our new wood stove about a week, and we've had a fire every night, and we love it!  Great for our moods, and great to have nice dry heat on drippy nights!

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