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We're not at the North Pole, but Mama Noel is busy, busy, busy...

Putting on a party for over 600 takes a lot of planning, but most parties don't have these "behind the scenes" shots.  This morning, we looked out our window to see Papa Noel's mom rewashing his Christmas Party uniform, and also the short skirts for his "elves".

Here is Agripina holding up one of her daughter's "Elf" skirt.

The Party is a high point in each child's year, and this year, it's more important than ever!  The "El Nino" scare and the severe drought have caused a drop in tourism and construction.  Many of the kids fathers have not had steady work in months...so Chirstmas will be a little tight this year.

The drought can best be shown by the measures that have been adopted when our local water company ran out of water.  Without cisterns, the locals must rely on a frequent delivery of water, by truck, to any bucket, pail, or washtub that they own.

Here is an example of a couple of households waiting for the water truck.

Without steady work in each household, it is difficult to pay much more for water than charged by the water company.  We know that our party gives a big lift to these households.

As the big day approahes, The "to do" list seems to get bigger and bigger.  We have been buying dolls for the girls and trucks and cars for the boys, and stuffed toys for the babies  We bought candy and animal crackers, 600 plates, glasses, and napkins, lots of mayo, catsup, and mustard, and lots and lots of cola.  Here's a shot of the the ladies making them last year...

This week, we are ordering 625 weiners for pick up in three weeks, 625 bags of potato chips, and 625 buns.  We also order stools and tables for everyone.

Then we have to put the whole shebang together!  As usual we could not do this without the supoort of our generous readers, relatives, and friends.

Here's a shot of last year's party, just to get you in the mood...To see the entry for last year's party, just copy and paste...


If you would like to give us a hand in making these kids a little happier this year, please send a donation to our PayPal address, which is bobnrox@gmail.com 

Please note...every red cent that you contribute goes directly to the kids

Thanks mucho,

Bob & Roxanne and the Kids

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