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Odds and Ends from the Good Life on the Coast...

Here are a few shots giving you a little update of our life on the Coast:

Rox is starting out on her morning hour walk along the beach.

Our sunsets have been especially vivid this year...we'll include a few in this post...


Our hand dug well is producing enough water to keep the yard green--and, great news...we have had four days of heavy rain--yippee!  (The rain's at night--just like Camelot!)

Carnival this year was absolutely crazy in Montanita...probably double the number of attendees as last year...we stayed near home...

Here is a portable bar built by Fernando, one of Agripina's nephews...plus some of the family...with Rox...He did a bang up business in cocktails during the three day Carnival...

And...right next to his bar was a nice girl from Argentina, who was selling terrific pizzas, made in her oven shown right behind her.

A couple of our guests trying out the "flying foam" tubes that all the celebrants use at Carnival...As you can see they are dressed just right for it!

"Pink Flamingos in Ecuador???"  You bet!  For the last several weeks we have seen these guys digging up food off the bottom of ponds next to the salt company in Monteverde.

Coquita is happy to show of her new bed...

A couple more sunsets...

And...Dolphins finally!  We had not seen one dolphin in five years and had begun to fear the worst, but this last month we have seen this pod (what to you call a group of dolphins?) of about 25  grazing in front of us. 

And...we'll finish up with a couple more sunsets...the last one looking like a radio-active skeleton... 

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Ahhh, what a nice post. Photos are always lovely. Enjoy.
Shelagh and Peter

March 18, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterShelagh

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