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Celebrating a couple of late April Birthdays...

April is a fun month in that we celebrate Roxanne's birthday, and we also celebrate Agripina's birthday.  As you all know, Agripina is the matriarch of our resident family.

Each year we have Agripina and Isidro over on their birthdays to share some drinks, nibblies, and to open some gifts.  We also send them off with beers, cake, and ice cream for a family party later.

She is is wearing her new necklace and bracelet, as she shows off the cake which will be devoured by the rest of the family later.

Some more fun gifts, as she playfully pokes Isidro with a new oven mitt...

Two buddies posing for the camera on this special day...

On Roxanne's Birthday, the family showed up to sing Happy Birthday, and present her with this diabolical Oreo chocolate cheese cake, and enough chicken for banana fritters for two meals...

We were cutting a huge filet mignon dinner out of a large loin plus our favorite twice baked potatoes for Roxanne's birthday dinner, but we enjoyed the chicken and fritters and cheesecake for two more complete meals later!

On the morning of Roxanne's Birthday, we made eggs benedict as a special treat.  Notice that the home grown eggs from Agripina's chickens are a deep yellow.  They taste better than any eggs we've eaten, and the color makes the hollandaise sauce a deep yellow, too!

Just before we had the Birthday Dinner, we were rewarded with this fine sunset...

And here is the Birthday Girl enjoying the whole thing in the glow of the sunset...Happy Birthday Rox!!!

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