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Our House gets a new "Hat"

Because the El Nino weather phenomenon starts right at our front door, so to speak, we have been experiencing different than normal weather so far this year.  Jan and Feb, our hottest months were remarkably cooler this year.  March was the rainiest we have ever seen--normally no rain--this year 12 days of it!  April was perfect, but May, our "change" month, was just beautiful!

El Nino will hit the US hard in Sep, Oct, and Nov...so be prepared folks...

The heavy rains in March finally got us going on a plan to replace our 40 year old roof.

Since we get a continual onshore breeze, filled with salt, we opted for the same roof we had before.  40 years is a pretty good record of standing up to the ocean winds and breezes.

Here are some photos of our crew working from Bamboo scafolding to remove the old roof...it was no fun!

As you can see the old roof has taken a beating over the years.  Pedro is careful removing the nails, so the this roofing can be used by the locals for their own roofs or chicken coops, etc.

The roof is made of a composition cement and fibre mix.  It is best for standing up to salt air.

Our roof extends over the side of the building by about six feet.  This way it protects the sides of the building from extra weathering, and provides protection from rain on both sides.

In the next two photos, you see Sonia painting all the undersides of the roofing that will be showing from below.Fernando spent a week painting, also...

Here's a shot of our living room with a beautiful sky as a ceiling...

The painting never stops...here you see the crew painting 80 sheets of plywood to be used for the interior ceiling.  You also see a few of the rafters that will replace a couple of bad ones.

During the three week job, we had one night of rain...but the guys covered the job each night anyway...

A better shot of the job, the guys, and the scaffolding...

Sonia did a great job for us...she painted and painted...lots of times if was waaaay up there!

Just to give you an idea about how she earned equal pay with all the guys...

Fernando spent a lot of time installing the new roof...

Here's Alfredo, Sonia's brother, and our Maestro, painting some hard to reach places...

Pedro and Silva did a huge job of being on the roof 8 hours a day for three weeks...

Finally, Rox takes a shot of the living room, after the roof is on, the floors have been sanded, and Sonia has painted all the interior walls.

May was such a warm month, that our crew was thrilled to have an ice cold beer each night when they finished up...Here they are on the last night of the job...mucho more than one beer each...

In order to make the transition from chaotic roof job, to pretty nice looking finished living room, we called on Agripina and a crew of six to clean and dust every item in our house.  It took six people 8 hours to make the change!

You see Agripina on the left, and she is mom to Sonia next to her, and to Alfredo and Cecilia, in the center.  Leanora, also her daughter, is next to Sonia...

This group did a great job for us...and we are proud to say that they are all good friends!


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Reader Comments (2)

Excellent work as always.

June 2, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterShelagh


So beautiful! What a wonderful job. What a wonderful Team!

June 2, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRich and Nancy

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