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The Kid's Christmas Party is coming, and the Elves are hard at work!

We were really discouraged as we planned to purchase trucks and dolls for the kids, and found that the department stores had discontinued selling anything but genuine "Barbie" dolls at a cost five times what we had been paying.  Also, the price of trucks and cars for the boys easily tripled!  We knew that the Kid's Party was doomed at these prices!


We asked our friend and great taxi driver, Jorge, if he had any suggestions, and he suggested the "People's Market in Guayaquil.   We made a "recon" 3 hour trip two weeks ago, to see if we could find affordable prices for the Kids.  We were happy to discover that if bought large quantities of dolls and trucks and cars, and purchased them in October (not closer to Christmas), that we could get the costs down quite a bit.  That day we purchased 20 trucks and 50 dolls and a bunch of baby toys.


We ordered 150 more dolls and and 150 more trucks and cars for pick up this week.  Jorge insisted that he return with us to act as security.  This was important as all of these purchase were cash only.

Here we are in the thick of the many, many stalls...

It's impossible to show all the dolls and trucks that we bought, but here are Jorge and our friendly "porter" taking all these cases to the car for us...


Here's a shot of Roxanne with just a small sample of the presents...

A closer look at the toys...




We purchased 150 dolls, 150 trucks and cars, and 50 baby dolls that day, and in the confusion to giddy up, we neglected to notice that the 90 police cars did not come with batteries!  You can imagine what 270 AA batteries cost down here!  We were very thrilled when our neighbor volunteered to purchase 300 batteries in the US and have her friend bring them down next month!  Whew!  Those batteries cost 5 times as much down here.

Just to get you in the mood, here are some shots of last year's party...


Here's Roxanne making the 350 gifts stay "organized"


The ladies work for hours cooking hot dogs, and then assembling 600 hot dogs and patato chips, plus all the Coca Cola for everyone.



This photo says it all!!!!


This will be our ninth year putting on this happy fiesta for 350 kids and 250 moms...and again, we can't begin to do all this without your generous support.


We still have hot dogs, wieners, buns, patato chips,  Cokes, plates and glasses animal crackers, Christmas Candy, gift bags, baggies, and decorations to pay for yet, so, again this year we are asking you to send your donation to these deserving kits to our PayPal account which is:



Thanks again to all of you!


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