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Christmas comes early!

Agripina and Isidro's grandkids, from two different families, had a nice early Christmas, due to the generosity of our Indiana visitors, Shawn and Bill.  These nice folks brought down a suitcase of school supplies for the kids, plus fun tee shirts...Here are a couple of photos in more detail...the big event is at the end of this post!

What Little girl would not love sparkly nail polish...



...or a fancy tee shirt!  ...or a tiara and new cute necklace!

These happy kids are members of families where the breadwinner does not work very often...not because he or she doesn't want to, but because work has dried up.

So when Bill and Shawn asked what they could bring down, we never expected to see such a plethora of school supplies, necklaces, tiaras, crayons, and coloring books and colored pencils.  The tee shirts were fabulous...what young man doesn't need a "Superman" tee???

They also asked "what else can we bring down", and when we suggested a used laptop computer, they went to work to see if a friend had one not being used.  Shawn had a former student, Aaron, who is now a grown up young man, and he is a computer whiz.  He had souped up a Windows 7 laptop and donated it to the cause.  There is not one chance in a million that these girls would have ever had a computer of their own, so this new machine will enable them to keep up with their more well to do classmates, plus give them skills good for a lifetime!

Here you see Alex, who received a computer a couple of years ago, getting the girls set up with Google Chrome and an email account--How great is that!

Of course, when they saw that they could watch the "Littlest Mermaid" also...it was a double treat!


Here's Shawn enjoying the good feelings all around...


Later, we found out from Agripina that the oldest daughter, Yelena had been begging her mom for a computer and praying every night, also.  Well,  those prayers were answered in the guise of Bill and Shawn and Aaron from Underwood, Indiana!

Agripina still says that it is a miracle.

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