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The Kid's Christmas Party is only 12 days away, and we still need you!

We know that all of you are constantly being solicited for donations, especially this time of year! 

We have been hit by escalating costs on all items from toys and dolls, to hot dogs and drinks, especially Christmas candy!  When you multiply these increases by 350 kids and 250 moms...the numbers get big fast...

12 days from the big event, we are still $1250 in the red, so we are hoping that a few of you will help us reduce this deficit a bit.

If you wish to send a little help, just log on to PayPal.com and send it off to

bobnrox@gmail.com  We will make sure that 100 percent of the funds go directly to the kids!

Here's a shot of Roxanne as we are ordering 100 pounds of Christmas Candy and 80 pounds of animal crackers, and 600 bags of potato chips.

Roxanne is holding a 2 pound bag, and when we pick up the candy on Wednesday they will be in huge bags hold 50 times that much candy!

Here's what we end up with!


Here's a couple of shots from previous years...

Thanks in advance!

Have great holiday season and a wonderful 2018!

Bob and Roxanne and all the kids and moms...


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