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The Kid's Christmas Party was the best ever!!!

We are just now coming up for air--the party came off perfectly! It started with some of the local kids performing traditional Ecuadorian dances--then Papa Noel appeared and greeted all the kids,  who were absolutely delighted! 

The kids then lined up to receive their gifts, while Bob took their picture with Papa Noel.  Some of these children have been coming to our party for 10 years and have received a 5"x7" picture for every year.

While the received their gifts,  we served the hot dogs, chips and coke. We gave out 350 gift bags, served 550 meals in 21/2 hours.

Here are a lot of photos of the fun time!


Roxanne is enjoying seeing the happy faces...

This is a sample of the goodies that were in the gift bags...

The older girls all got a doll with changable dresses...

Here's Roxanne posing with just a third of the gift bags in the photo!

Bob is posing in front of the ancient oven that will cook 625 hot dog buns for us to be ready on the day of the party...

Here's Agripina, and daughter Sonia, cooking the wieners so the plastic covers can be removed easily.  625 of them...whew!

Tim and Janet did great work!  Tim delivered several hundred hot dogs, and Janet took most of the preceding photos...

A few days before the party, Tim and Janet helped us fill 600 baggies with Cristmas candy and animal crackers.  It's a big job eating the broken animal crackers, but somebody has to do it!

Bill and Shawn were terrific!  Bill also delivered hundreds of hot dogs, and Shawn made sure that each plate was complete!!


Just some of the crew that helps keep the party rolling!

Robinson and Bob pause just before things really get going....


The end of a perfect day!!!

In addition to thanking all the people who made this day a huge success, we want to thank again, all the friends and relatives who have supported this party, many for years and years...we could not do this without you!

We hope that all of your wishes come true in 2018!

Thanks again,

Bob and Roxanne

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