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Elections, Ecuador Style!

Ecuador only allows political parties to announce their candidate for Pres and VP six weeks prior to the Election date.  No long campaigns here...


The party of the current President, Rafael Correa, selected the former Vice President, Lenin Moreno,  who served a term, and then went off to be an ambassador to the United Nations, representing handicap affairs.


Lenin Moreno is confined to a wheelchair after being shot twenty years ago...no mocking of disabled folks here!


The convention to select a candidate lasted only one day! The rules say that you may only start campaigning 6 weeks prior to the Election date, flags and banners cannot be purchased, they must be given to you, all campaigning ceases three days prior to the election, also the sale of alcohol is prohibited in this prior three day period.  No more poll results 10 days prior...


The voting for a large section of our Coast happens to be here in Manglaralto.  Voting in mandatory...no voter suppression here...


The entire family joins in the celebration with vendors setting up everything from clothes, CD's, food, and drinks.  Take a look...








There is a high representation of police and army personnnel, for one reason only, no voter intimadation--no undue influence!  Period!


We looked up our registration on the computer, so we knew when we arrived today, that I was going to station 15, and Roxanne was off to station 9.  The sexes are separated, so again there is no undue influence, even between spouses!


Here's Rox standing in the Ladies line...she only had to wait 4 minutes!


Here she showing off her spiffy new voter card!


She had four nice ladies waiting inside to check her ID, and then give her four paper ballots, all with the candidate's photos!  Ecuador went back to paper ballots, a change from four years ago, to allow precise auditing, and to prevent hacking.



Here is the all in one voting booth made from cardboard!  It looks primitive, but it allows privacy to fill out the ballot in the rear, and total view of your folded ballot in the front.


Here I am posing with our guard for our polling room.  My guess is that the bullets for that rifle are miles away in an armory someplace...


And a photo of the three nice guys who showed me how everything works...


In addition to police and army personnel, Ecuador has 60 international observers stationed around the country...

In the congress, women make up about 40 percent of the total, a huge increase from the 7 percent, 10 years ago...

After voting, we shook hands with all the staff, took photos, and felt really good about voting here in Ecuador.

The results will be in about 8:00 pm this evening, however, it is almost certain that there will be a runoff election on April 2.


Posted on Sun, February 19, 2017 at 02:39PM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments1 Comment

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Hi ... you two

That blog was really interesting. Yes there is total craziness here with this new administration and of course Trump. Hard to believe that he has been in office only for a few weeks. Roller coaster ride.

Hugs from us

February 20, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterLynn & Chuck Kelly

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