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Celebrating our New President, and some fun birthdays!!!

Lenin Moreno is the first paraplegic to be elected as any country's president in world history!  Our new president has been in a wheelchair since being shot in a robbery 20 years ago.

He served as Pres. Correa's Vice President for four years, and then spent the last six years as special representive to the United Nations.  In both jobs he was unequaled in championing rights for persons with disabilities.

He credits his success to his highly regarded sense of humor, for getting things done,  and for keeping his spirits up!

He says, "when I talk to people, I have to look up, I don't talk down!"

We are all hopeful that Lenin will continue Correa's efforts in bringing Ecuador's people a better life and more modern infrastructure.


More Celebrations:

We had a little celebration for Agripina's birthday.  We have drinks and gifts for her at our place, and finish up  by giving her a large birthday cake.  The celebrations continues at their home with the family, as they eat a bunch of cake, and open again the re-wrapped gifts!


Roxanne also had a birthday...we celebrated here at the Coast and then spent a fun three days with Rich and Nancy celebrating every night...ho, ho, ho...!

Here's a shot of our traditional eggs benedict brunch to start out the birthday fun!


Agripina's family always comes up with better cake!  This one was rum-filled, and even came with a bottle of more rum!

Here are a couple of shots of us getting ready to dig in!!!




We thank all the nice people who helped Roxanne celebrate, and who elected a really great "people-friendly" man to lead our country!!!

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