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We're gearing up for our annual Kid's Christmas Party...

After 10 years of having happy kids and moms attend our annual Christmas party, we seriously considered not having it this year.  
Rox is still recovering from the shattered arm which resulted from her somersaulting down our 18 concrete stairs while carrying a huge box to the car.  She spent ten days in several hospitals, until a specialist could be found to do the three hour surgery to install a metal plate with 8 metal screws holding the bones together.
After five months of Physical Therapy, she is still unable to have full movement in her arm and hand.  She is getting better, and more months of therapy have been approved.  Just this last week, she seemed to have a breakthrough about lifting her arm higher and out further. 
We decided that this setback was not going to slow us down, and have decided to go ahead with the Kid's Party again this year, especially since,  if we did not do it, it would feel like we were giving up!

Many parents have already asked Agripina if we are going to have the party again this year, and this is giving us more of an incentive to keep the party going.
Last week, we drove to Guayaquil to purchase 100 dolls and stuffed animals.  We still have to buy 250 more cars, trucks and dolls, plus wieners, buns, chips, 120 liters of Coca Cola, candy, 80 pounds of animal crackers, baggies and Christmas bags, and everything else needed to serve it to 350 kids and 250 moms.
We are glad to do what it takes to get the kid's party up and running each year, but we could never do it without the support of our friends, relatives, and you folks reading our blog.
We are facing increased expenses this year, as we will have to hire out a couple of jobs that we always used to do ourselves.  For example, since I am trying to deal with a sciatica type back problem, I can no longer go for long walks and carry a lot of heavy loads.  Jorge, our safe and sane taxi driver, was hired today,  to take Rox in our SUV to Guayaquil to purchase a car-full of cars, trucks and dolls for the party.
We need your help this year more than ever.  If you wish to make a huge number of kids and moms smile again this year, please send some support to our PayPal address which is   bobnrox@gmail.com

Every cent received goes directly to the kids.

Please check "personal" when you send some dough, and that will ensure that the total amount will be received for the party.
If you wish to see how much the party's do for the kids and moms, please scroll back several pages of this blog for a lot of fun photos.
Thanks in advance to all of you for your support this year and over the last 10 years.
Have a great fall season, and a happy and healthy holiday season,
Bob and Roxanne and all the kids
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