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Preparing for the 10th year Giving the Kid's Manglaralto PapaNoel Party

Rox and I do this entire party, 350 kids and 250 moms, by ourselves, until the last day!

Here's the gift bags...all loaded by Roxanne...(last year)

But...we could not do any of this without your generous help!

Here are a couple of shots of our trip back from Guayaquill with only half the gifts for the kids...and the guys humping those big boxes upstairs...

It takes a whole bedroom just to store some of the toys and dolls...

This shows a sample of the toys in the kid's gift bags...

If you would like to help a lot of kids (who would normally get no other presents) receive a doll or toy car, Christmas candy, animal crackers, hot dog, and chips (mom, too), lots of Cola, and especially a visit and photo with Papa Noel, then please send your donation to our paypal account bobnrox@gmail.com marked "personal".

We, the kids, and their moms thank you in advance...

Have a great holiday season!!!

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