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A Fantastic Kid's Christmas Party that almost Did Not Happen!

After months of preparation, several trips to Guayaquil, and much more, finally the day of the party arrived!  We awoke that morning to a torrential downpour--the first rain we have had this late in December in 10 years!  The time arrived for the helpers to arrive to get ready for the party and only four out of 10 workers showed up!  We asked Isidro what has held up everybody, and were informed that a grandmother had died that morning, and half of our workers were related to her!  The custom here is that if a relative dies then you don't party or celebrate, or wear red for a certain amount of time.

We did not know what to do, but hoped it would work out.  Well it did!  The rain stopped before noon and dried out quickly.  And...the workers, including Papa Noel, did not work before 2:00 pm, but showed up to work to make all the kids happy.  The Party was on!

To set the scene, take a look at these marvelous kids waiting for Papa Noel to show up...

 Lots of work goes into making the party look are Janet and Tim helping us fill 625 baggies of Christmas candy and animal crackers...

Laura and Denton have supported the party for years, from the US, and this year wanted to come down and they are with son Harrison and Friend Trent filling 350 Christmas bags with a doll or truck or car and a Baggie.

Here are just some of the gift bags for the Kids with Rox who organized it all!

These dancers are local kids who practice three times a week for months to get the intricate steps perfect!

Here are Janet and Papa Noel posing...Janet took many of these cool photos!

This happy group did almost all of the delivery of Hot Dogs, Chips, and drinks to over 600 happy kids and moms and dads...

A nice shot of Denton and Laura

Here are a bunch of photos of happy kids with Papa Noel, and a lot of others to give you the flavor of the party!


We also took 350 matte 5" by 7" photos of each child with Papa Noel.  They were distributed to all the families on the day before Christmas...often the only actual picture of a child for the whole year.

We never could do this party without the encouragement and support of our friends, family, and blog readers.  You all are terrific, and have made a huge difference again this year.

We hope everyone has a great holiday season, and a terrific 2019!!!

Bob and Roxanne



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