The Kid's Christmas Party is only 12 days away, and we still need you!

We know that all of you are constantly being solicited for donations, especially this time of year! 

We have been hit by escalating costs on all items from toys and dolls, to hot dogs and drinks, especially Christmas candy!  When you multiply these increases by 350 kids and 250 moms...the numbers get big fast...

12 days from the big event, we are still $1250 in the red, so we are hoping that a few of you will help us reduce this deficit a bit.

If you wish to send a little help, just log on to and send it off to  We will make sure that 100 percent of the funds go directly to the kids!

Here's a shot of Roxanne as we are ordering 100 pounds of Christmas Candy and 80 pounds of animal crackers, and 600 bags of potato chips.

Roxanne is holding a 2 pound bag, and when we pick up the candy on Wednesday they will be in huge bags hold 50 times that much candy!

Here's what we end up with!


Here's a couple of shots from previous years...

Thanks in advance!

Have great holiday season and a wonderful 2018!

Bob and Roxanne and all the kids and moms...


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Fifty Years and still having fun!!!

We were married on Nov 18, 1967, and never in a million years would we have thought that 50 years later, we would be living on a perfect beach on the west coast of Ecuador!  We've had a lot of great adventures in 50 years...and we feel fortunate that we are still living out our dreams...

Here's a shot of that young couple...

and one more of Roxanne...

Just a few hours before our party...we were surprised by Agripina and her family, when they made us a great looking anniversary cake...

Here's a couple of shots of us just before the party...


We put filets on the bar b que, and completed the dinner with garlic bread, huge baked potato, and a delicious shrimp filled avocado from Janet.  Dessert was courtesy of Shawn and Bill...fresh squeezed lime meringue lots of anniversary cake!  Geri and Mark brought homemade bean dip and shrimp hors d'Oeuvres.

Alex and his mom Cecilia, did a great job helping us.  Rox made the aprons and bowties...

As many in the party were quick to we are on our next 50 years!  We're looking forward to the ride!

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The Kid's Christmas Party is just around the corner!

After putting on the huge kid's party for nine years, we were seriously considering not doing it anymore.  We thought that we were just getting too old to do it again...however, we found that the kids and moms in our town would be devastated!

So...In the last 8 days, we have made two six hour trips to Guayaquil to purchase 140 dolls, 40 stuffed, fuzzy animals, 140 trucks, 40 smaller trucks, and 40 baby toys.

We will be working on the party preparations everyday until the big event on December 22.

And...we can use all the help we can get!  We still have to buy 625 weiners and buns, 120 liters of Coke, 500 bags of potato chips, 100 pounds of Christmas candy, 80 pounds of animal crackers, 450 gift bags, and glasses, plates, napkins, condiments, and the rental of tables and stools to seat all of the happy crowd!

Your continued support of this party makes it all possible.  Every cent contributed goes directly to the kids--many, of whom, will receive nothing else for Christmas.

If you would like to help make a lot of deserving kids happier this year, please send your contribution to our PayPal account   If you mark it personal or family, there will be no fees.

To get you in the are a few fun shots...

Here are samples of what the kids are getting this year...

Here's Rox posing with the presents last year...


We thank you all in advance and wish you the best for the holiday season and the next year!

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The President of Ecuador "gets it"

President Moreno of Ecuador had this to say at the UN in New York, this week:

In a short but impassioned speech before the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, Ecuador President Lenin Moreno urged world leaders to stop spending “precious resources” on war, and to “embrace the inclusiveness” that leads to peace.

“We need to focus on the people,” the president told world leaders. “The emphasis should be on achieving peace and creating a decent life for all human beings on a sustainable planet.”

Moreno: “Focus on the human being.”

In his 15-minute address, Moreno said he supports the proposed UN global agreement on migration. “Human mobility should be encouraged, not restricted, because it enriches our lives and  destroys discrimination and xenophobia,” he said. “Closing the borders is never the solution.”

Specifically, Moreno criticized the U.S. blockade of Cuba. “It only promotes hatred and fear and with policies like it we can never achieve true freedom and democracy.”

Moreno praised international progress in rights for the disabled but said more needs to be done. “We still have outstanding debts to the one billion people with disabilities in the world. We need to work harder to include them in all the activities of our lives, and to make all physical, social and political institutions accessible to them.”

Moreno, who was paralyzed by a gunshot wound 20 years ago, served as United Nation’s Special Envoy for the Rights of the Disabled before running for president. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 for his work on behalf of the disabled during his term as vice president, from 2007 to 2011.

The president also highlighted his plan to provide comprehensive health care for the citizens of Ecuador. “My belief is that government should provide dignified care for a lifetime, from the moment of conception until God decides to close our eyes.”

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Celebrating our New President, and some fun birthdays!!!

Lenin Moreno is the first paraplegic to be elected as any country's president in world history!  Our new president has been in a wheelchair since being shot in a robbery 20 years ago.

He served as Pres. Correa's Vice President for four years, and then spent the last six years as special representive to the United Nations.  In both jobs he was unequaled in championing rights for persons with disabilities.

He credits his success to his highly regarded sense of humor, for getting things done,  and for keeping his spirits up!

He says, "when I talk to people, I have to look up, I don't talk down!"

We are all hopeful that Lenin will continue Correa's efforts in bringing Ecuador's people a better life and more modern infrastructure.


More Celebrations:

We had a little celebration for Agripina's birthday.  We have drinks and gifts for her at our place, and finish up  by giving her a large birthday cake.  The celebrations continues at their home with the family, as they eat a bunch of cake, and open again the re-wrapped gifts!


Roxanne also had a birthday...we celebrated here at the Coast and then spent a fun three days with Rich and Nancy celebrating every night...ho, ho, ho...!

Here's a shot of our traditional eggs benedict brunch to start out the birthday fun!


Agripina's family always comes up with better cake!  This one was rum-filled, and even came with a bottle of more rum!

Here are a couple of shots of us getting ready to dig in!!!




We thank all the nice people who helped Roxanne celebrate, and who elected a really great "people-friendly" man to lead our country!!!

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