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Another job I don't want to do when I grow up...

This is another story about High-rise apartments, but after this one, I'll give the subject a rest...Rox was walking on the beach last week and remarked that she had seen guys sending up buckets of mortar or plaster from the ground of a 12 story building, all the way up to the tippy-top, and they were just using a pulley and a rope!!!

Here is the building---notice how folks are living in the lower floors and they continue to finish the upper ones...plaster%2015%20stories%20up.jpgnaturally, that pic shows only the top few floors...now take a look at this guy doing the plastering...you couldn't pay me enough to do that!!!plaster%2015%20floors%20up.jpg


These guys are plastering by hand!!!  They certainly have my respect...as do those hard working guys building the first building I talked about...Frankly, I've never seen any group work so hard, be so cheerful, and work with so little direction or dissent.

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