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Demoted from Third Grade Senor...and sit up straight!!!

I will never again snidely say that I wanted to quit speaking spanish like a third grader...if only I (we) could...

To make the rungs on the ladder crystal clear, when we were seated in our semi-private first session, the smiling senorita gave us one notebook that had three stick figures written in crayon, and one with a four year old girl characterized on the front...folks these are a step down from kindergarten...but we deserved it.

Anyway, they are actual notebooks for us to take notes in, sort of like the blue books you remember in college, only a little bigger.  As I said before we thot that two hours per day was about all our brains could handle...after about three minutes, I was ready to bolt...

I was sort of under the impression that we would kind of speak a little english, and gradually introduce a little spanish vocabulary and pronunciation...oh no...she started speaking to us in spanish at the git go, and probably only eleven words of english crossed her lips in two hours...no break, no coffee, no BS...

Granted, she was speaking slowly and clearly...nothing like what we hear in town...and shortly even I was sort of answering questions in spanish, and speaking incorrectly only about 90 percent of the time.  Since we had told the director that we wished to concentrate on the conversational side of the lingo, and minimize the grammar part, we spent the two hours conversing, and having our words written up on the board, and then trying to recall what they meant, and how to describe them in spanish.  All in all a pretty good technique, and we felt that we had gotton a really good start in our two hours.  We went over our notes when we got home, and will do them again in the am...hopefully, this will help us open a couple of those old rusted and closed synapses...(sp)

Another nice part of this, is that we are only about a two minute drive to the school from our house, and we park right in front of the Director's pick-up...


I promise that I won't blather on about each lesson...


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