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I'd like a room with a lawyer, por favor...

Okay, so we spent all day running around looking at used car lots...and guess what?  Salesman are the same all over...(I've got another party interested so...), (These people milling around really like yours...), (this one was only driven by grandma to church on Sunday...) and on and on...and the prices are thru the roof...average prices seem to be about 30 percent higher than in the US...what sticker-shock!!!


So we took our cab back to the hotel and told our story to Catherine, the owner, and she suggested that Adriana look thru the want ads for the KIA Sportage that we wanted.  She found one that looked good, and guess what?  The owner of this whole place is a lawyer...and he stood out on the front of the hotel and negotiated with the couple who drove it over.  Being a lawyer, he said he doesn't even trust his own mother...and he said in Ecuador...you know how it is, you could find a woman pretty on the outside, and when you are going to the bedroom, she begins by taking out her teeth, eyelashes, and hairpiece...not to mention other items...


So...he tells this really nice couple, that I would have just shaken hands with, that we have to meet Monday to go to the KIA dealership for a check of the car's condition, and a reality check about the price, and then go the the policia to make sure it's not stolen, and then to the notary to witness the bill of sale, and then we give up the cash...and then he will help us get the mother registered.  All this, and we thot we might be on the highway to the west by Saturday...but that's what you hire lawyer's for, and what a nice surprise that one comes with the room...


We are going out to a nice french restaurant tonight to enjoy the meal that Rich and Nancy so generous provided...will get a pic and some description later tonite...the ethernet that we are hooked up to loads pics a whole lot better after midnight...more later

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