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No More Vamos a la playa, Ya! Ya! Ya!

For those of you who are over about 40, you might remember the title of this piece as one of the most popular songs that took the world by storm one year quite a while ago...and basically it means that we got no more beach and have to go to school...


We signed up for Spanish lessons at Surpacifico language school this morning, and the director said that we could begin lessons this afternoon, well we panicked, and said that we'd start tomorrow instead...remember from your old college days when they said that education is something that you pay thru the nose for and then fight like hell not to get...


So...we will go to class for two hours a day, five days a week for four weeks, and hopefully that will give us the tools we need to not talk like third graders (actually, those little third graders sound awfully good to me...wish i could do a tenth as well...)


We brought back the grammar and exercise books and started studying chapter one, and boy are the ol' brain cells rusty...We remember when we first took real estate courses back in the 70's, how our brain used to hurt...this seems to portend that...

So, hasta noche amigos...


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