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Rox is walking on the beach==I´m here typing away...

STA71246.JPGOK so now life is settling down to taking care of administrative details...we are casting about for a house to rent, while still paying mucho for a room...but nice...Rox loves it...Ate dinner in the hotel restaurant last nite, and had a plate of delicious fish with fried bananas, a delicious salad, limes papaya veggies like the Brew has never cooked, and it was an outrageous five bucks...so I guess we can say that the food sort of gives back a little on the room price.  I will load a couple of pics in a minute...Just noticed that martooni of rox´s is not watered down...


By the way, you all remember when the US Treasury gets a bug up it collective (pants) and tries to get the people to accept another dollar coin, well I now where they all went (other in our collective dresser drawers), and that´s to Ecuador.  All the change we get here other than yankee dollars is that little gold coin with Sasquach the indian maiden who saved John Alden (is that right)  I can´t find the question mark on this machine...Anyway they are well used here.STA71245.JPG


Also...the price of gas...I almost had a heart attack when I saw $1.48 on the gas station prices cause I thot that was the price per LITER...but wonder of all wonders...it was the price per gallon...now when was the last time you paid $1.48 per gallon...Our whole drive from Quito to the coast was about $16.00...

Watched these fishermen bring their heavy boats in from the surf with loads of fish on these rollers.  Also saw a fish processing shed with thatched roofs where about a million tilapias fish were being processed...talk about fresh!STA71240.JPG                                                                                                                                                                                         This is a pic of the ferry boat where we crossed the straits for us and the car for 3 bucks...nice ride, nice people...

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