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Taking care of business...

Just spent the last hour banging away here in the internet cafe...trying to bring everything up to date...Internet chicas are due to arrive at apartmento at quatro horas this afternoon...probably will be at about 5...will be great to be working in my bathrobe again in the middle of the night...

Should get our cell phones up and running today...fortunately they are the kind that are reprogrammable for other places...will know in about an hour...lots of extra work and hang ups when you don´t have a bank account...guess it has a lot to do with keeping money laundering to a minimum...personally, I could use a little clean money...but we are getting closer to be legit...don´t all laugh at once...


here is a pic of us doing  what we do best...was a really cute italian restaurant right within walking distance to our place, pizza was really different, but really great...lots of anchovies in mine...rox even choked one down...she is stuck on camerones...just about has some sort of shrimp whenever we go out...STA71277.JPG


As you might tell from the pics...we are gradually getting it over to our very nice waiters, that a bunch of gin in an up glass is not a martini...and please leave the vermouth on the shelf...Had another great lunch at the Yacht club yesterday...since this is still the off season, we are getting to know our waiter very well...he has it figured out that Rox really appreciates a complimentary glass of vino as I finish up my Coca Cola Zero...naturally, being the far from handsome American, I return the favor when I pay the bill...one hand washing...and so on...


Getting the hang of driving around here...I almost keep up with the taxi drivers...but they are frustrated Barney Oldfields...(for those of you over 70)...and I´m usually trying to read a street sign or a look for an address...and I couldn´t do that even in Grants Pass...


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